Which treatment to take first for a kid with autism ?

On September 21, 2023


it is the occupational therapy which is the child with autism needs first

Once there is suspect / diagnosis that your baby is suffering from autism, might draw your attention to the treatment options. The best guidance regarding the priority of treatment options are supposed to be given by your paediatrician or psychiatrist or therapists. However, there is great  probability that you might get confused that what to start first.

The most significant and remarkable deficit in autism is the problem of speech which drives parents for speech therapy first !

Some prefers guidance and help from a psychiatrist and starts antisychotic drugs !

Some parents can not ignore the importance of academics and starts special education first !

Few thinks that school can manage and get him admitted in big branded school !

Few thinks it to be totally behavoural problem and starts ABA therapy !

Although all above treatments are equally fruitful but does not come first in priority order. it is occupational therapy (OT) which needs first.

Because occupational therapist applies sensory integration approach. sensory integration helps in building foundational skills such as optimized sensory processing, body schemata, perceptual sills, spatial perception, posture, sensory discrimination, and motor planning abilities. These basic abilities must be developed to learn higher skills such as cognition, speech, and academic abilities. 


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