Why is occupational therapy considered to be the prime treatment for cerebral palsy?

On February 01, 2024


You need to note that cerebral palsy is one of the most common causes of neurological impairment in children that can cause lifelong disability if not treated correctly. Experts in the field also point out that sensory, motor, speech, and other cognitive impairments are also experienced by children who have cerebral palsy. Occupational therapist, being specialized in treating sensory, motor and cognitive impairments, is the prime treatment for cerebral palsy.

If you are a parent to a young child who is suffering from cerebral palsy, we can well understand how difficult it might be for you. We also know that you must be desperately seeking the best treatment for treating the problem. Latest studies show that children’s occupational therapy is being found to be one of the most effective treatments for treating cerebral palsy. Depending on the severity of the problems, results may vary, but in general, occupational therapy is the most effective treatment. So let us first try to understand some facts about cerebral palsy. 


Cerebral palsy in children- facts


Cerebral palsy results from neurological impairment at or around birth. Hypoxia, forceps delivery, delayed birth cry, neonatal jaundice are among many reasons. Diplegia is a common type of cerebral palsy in which lower extremities are more affected than the upper extremities. It can be pure motor or multiple disability. Occupational therapy is the main treatment as it adopts holistic view of managing the treatment.


Getting dependent on caregivers – what you will not want 


You will also sometimes find that owing to the functional limitations experienced, some children with cerebral palsy depend on others for assistance with daily activities. These can often lead to long-term caregiving far exceeding the typical needs of developing children. What might get you worried about is providing the high level of care required by a child with long-term functional limitations. It can become pretty burdensome in the long run; it might affect the caregiver's physical and psychological health. We are sure getting dependent on others is the last thing you will want for your child. Is it not? You will surely want your child to be self-dependent, will you not? If treated rightly with occupational therapy under a renowned occupational therapist, your child will be better off doing all basic activities themself.


What is occupational therapy about?


The word “occupation” in occupational therapy does not refer to one’s profession. It instead denotes the everyday activities that give life meaning. If you look at it from a child's perspective, these meaningful activities will include playing and learning. You also need to note that Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on improving the child's ability to play and learn, which are essential for development and becoming independent.

Occupational therapy can help with muscle and joint coordination issues for children who have cerebral palsy.

These are issues that can make everyday tasks difficult. Some of these tasks include daily activities, including eating, brushing teeth, and bathing. With the help of this therapy, it can help to improve physical, cognitive, and social abilities, fine motor skills, and posture. Apart from this, it can also help address difficulties with processing sensory information.




To sum up, we can say that cerebral palsy can be a disabling condition if left untreated. This is problem of many amongst children, and it is where occupational therapy can help significantly. So get in touch with us at Sensational child clinic to derive maximum benefits from occupational therapy.

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