Dr. Santosh Kumar

BOT (CU, Cal), MOTh (New Delhi), PhD (CU, Cal), MAIOTA

Experience : 14 Yrs as Clinician, Researcher, and Academicians

Area of Expertise : Sensory integration therapy for autism, ADHD, & Learning Disability, Neurodevelopmental Treatment for cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome and developmental delay

About Me

Dr. Santosh Kumar did Bachelor in Occupational Therapy (BOT) from National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped (now known as National Institute for Locomotor Disability), Kolkata. He stood top in all the academic years. Immediately after completion of internship he was offered job of occupational therapy trainee in the NILD. He left the job before its tenure because he cracked the entrance for Master in occupational Therapy in Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. He was granted scholarship for achieving top rank in the academic years of masters also. After completion of Master in occupational therapy he got chance in a state funded major research project of the department of psychology, University of Calcutta. The title of the project was “Effect of Different Modes of Neurosensation on Different Abilities of the Person with Autism”. At the end of the research He developed sensory integration therapy module and constructed two assessment tools – Sensory Processing in Autism and Perceptual Motor Coordination Checklist. Dr. Santosh Kumar was awarded Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) for extensive research on the topic in 2013. The paper was published in the Journal of Developmental Disability 2013. He was speaker at more than 15 CRE programmes including National Congress and International Workshop on Cerebral Palsy at NIMH Kolkata. He founded Sensational Child occupational Therapy Specialty centre in 2014 at Lake Town, Kolkata. In another research project of the University of Calcutta CPPE, he worked as occupational therapist for three years two papers of which were published in journal of Developmental Disability. He worked as senior consultant and guest lecturer at many NGOs, special Schools, & Composite Rehabilitation Centres. He was first in Kolkata to draw the attention of people toward the role of occupational therapy especially sensory integration therapy for the children with autism and ADHD.Currently, he is doing another state funded research project which is in collaboration of Institute of Neuroscience Kolkata (INK) and Pradip Centre for Autism Management. The theme of the research is to know the effect of sensory integration therapy on the neurophysiology of brain through EEG.

Journal Publications
  • Kumar, S. & Banerjee, M. Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy on Some Functional Areas of Autism. Indian Journal of Developmental Disability (2014),Vol 2, Number 2, 233-242.
  • Mukherjee, M., Kumar, S. & Banerjee, M. Impact of Sensory Integration Therapy on Sensory Integrative Dysfunction: Towards Freer Movement in Children with Autism. Indian Journal of Developmental Disability 2014, Vol 2, Number 2, 171-181.
  • Kumar, S. (2013).Development of Semsory Integration Therapeutic Module and Its Effect on Some Functional Areas of Autism.Unpublished Ph. D. Thesis. University of Calcutta, Kolkata.
  • Banerjee, M., Kumar, S. &Sengupta, M. (2010).Effect of Different Modes of Neurosensation on the Different Abilities of Autistic Children.A DST Govt of West Bengal Major Rersearch Project 2007-2010.
  • Kumar, S. (2006). Effect of modifying patient preferred spinal movements and alignments in patients with lowback pain. Unpublished Masters Dissertation. Majeedia Hospital, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi
Speaker at various Workshops/Seminar/Webinar
  • Speaker in webinar (2021) titled “understanding sensory diet in autism” hosted by Composite Rehabilitation Centre, Guwahati Under SVNIRTAR, Cuttack, Govt of India
  • Speaker in webinar (2020) titled “How to manage the restlessness and attention problems of the kids with autism and ADHD at home during the ongoing pandemic”. This was a paid webinar hosted by Sensational Child Occupational Therapy Specialty Centre, Kolkata.
  • Speaker in IACPCON (2018); Presentation on “Blending Approach (NDT and SIT) in Cerebral palsy”
  • Speaker in CRE (2018); hosted by Pradip Center for Autism Management, Kolkata; Presentation on “Sensory Motor and Perceptual Needs in Intellectual Disability”
  • Speaker in Parents Awareness Program (2017), at St Stephen Orphanage and School, Kolkata
  • Speaker in CRE, (2016) hosted by Pradip Center for Autism Management, Kolkata; Presentation on “Vestibular link to Visual Perception, Language and Academic Abilities”
  • Speaker in Parent awareness program (2015), at Our Astitwa, Lake Garden, Kolkata; Presentation on “Role of Occupational Therapy in Developmental Delay”
  • Speaker in a Seminar on Spine hosted by Park Clinic (2014); Presentation on “Assistive technology in spinal cord injury”
  • Speaker in CRE (2013), hosted by Alokendu Bodh Niketan, Kolkata; Presentation on “Therapeutic approaches in occupational therapy”
  • Speaker in CRE (2012) hosted by Pradip Centre for Autism Management; Presentation on “Sensory integration therapy and the speech development. Role of multidisciplinary team in the management of autism”
  • Speaker in 4th Rehabilitation Congress (2011) at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata; Presentation on “Brief introduction to sensory integration”
  • Speaker in CRE (2010) at Noble Mission; Presentation on “Sensory modulation and dyspraxia with practical demonstration”
  • Speaker in CRE hosted by Ahead (2008), Kolkata; Presentation on “Assessing the child with sensory integration deficit with practical demonstration”

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